About Us

Bliss (noun) when the soul surrenders to joy.

In our yang-driven world where action and accomplishment reign supreme, it's easy to neglect our yin-ness, the softer side of us that prefers to be, not do. As women especially, connecting with our feminine energy on a regular basis is vital to our sense of self, hormonal health, and overall happiness.

Each one of us is a reflection of the divine.

Though you may not always feel like it, or even realize it, there is divinity in you. Connecting with your inner goddess is simply understanding, recognizing that divine found inside you. Your inner goddess is always there, though occasionally she might not express herself or might be forgotten about.

At Bliss in Body, we celebrate your inner goddess.

We encourage you to love your perfectly-imperfect body so our daughters, granddaughters and nieces look in the mirror and love what they see.

Based in Vancouver, Canada.